Black Box in a White Cube (new work with Tamar Blom)

A screen switched off. Humans pushing it all away. Delete. A Black Box in a White Cube.
Saturday July 29th in the closing weekend of the Li-Binyuan exhibition Tamar Blom and Karel van Laere will present a live performance.
The performances will take place in and outside MU Artspace in Eindhoven.
Performances between:
We hope to meet you there.
Tamar and Karel

Reflect in the EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam

Reflect gives you the chance to observe a break dancer up close. You stand on top of the work and thus become part of the choreography that takes place beneath you. With this continuous video installation, Van Laere explores whether visitors can be moved in addition to being transported. Credits: Karel van Laere in collaboration with D.o.P Peter van Til and dancer Joey Schrauwen. This installation can be seen free of charge in the Eye Arena.

In Between – behind the scene’s

IN BETWEEN. Taipei, Taiwan. Behind the scene pictures by: Lin Wei-Lung 3 days inside the MRT with this great crew. First screening: april 2018. More info SOON. With: Mina Hsu Ping Wang, Mink Pinster, Cordelia Yang & 張能禎.
This project was made possible by: Het Fonds Podium Kunsten & The Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation.

Its a wrap!

After 3days on a loaded MRT  with in total 40 performers, 4children and 2dogs, its a wrap ! #cuttocuttocutto! Many thanks for this great TaipeiCrew & D.o.P. Mink Pinster.

More info soon!

OPEN CALL – Taiwan 2018

曾來台進修與駐村的Karel Van Laere(卡爾‧范‧拉爾),於2016年在台北國際藝術村創作《緩緩上升Slow Rise》,獲得國際好評並受邀至各地展出。今年卡爾再次來台,以「休息片刻 power naps」的主題創作《不在現場The Non-Present》,透過台北人在捷運車廂中打盹的樣貌,表達他所觀察到的台北特有文化現象。在這樣繁忙混亂的城市移動中打盹,以此暫離/暫停奔走中的意識與身體,如此的反差是本次作品想要探討的主題。
楊小姐/ cordelia316@gmail.com/0921-564-958
我們會回覆您進一步的拍攝相關資訊 please share 🙏

Stichting Largo

Voorzitter: Nous Faes, Penningmeester: Talitha Stijnman, Secretaris: Sean Gilis, John de Weerd en ik proosten op stichting Largo! Trots en zie uit naar deze samenwerking! 

The Non-Present Performer [research] 30oktober 20:30 – Zaal3

The Non-Present Performer is the beginning of a research by performer and filmmaker Karel van Laere. The need to ‘step out for a while’ is addressed from his fundamental love for movement. It’s the prelude to a video art work Van Laere will complete beginning of 2018 together with D.o.P. Mink Pinster in Taipei, Taiwan.

On Monday, October 30, there was a one time performance in Zaal3 in The Hague. Under influence of hypnosis, Van Laere temporarily lent his body to dancers Amos Ben Tal, Milena Twiehaus, Yvan Dubreuil and Francesco Barba, unconsciously forming a part of the research. After, there was an aftertalk with hypnotist Joris Waayer, anaesthetist Rutger van Leersum, the dancers and the audience present.

30 oktober | 20:30

Locatie: Zaal 3 | Constant Rebecqueplein 20a | The Hague

Tickets | 5eu  http://zaal3.nl/agenda/the-non-present-performer/

The Non-Present Performer is made possible by ‘Het Fonds Podium Kunsten en Zaal 3’.

Solo exhibition – Electriciteits Fabriek The Hague

In September 2017, I held my first solo exhibition in the industrial setting of the Electricity Factory in The Hague. Screening: Slow Rise, Contact, Paralysis, Largo and Slow. The exhibition was connected to the theatrical performance ‘Untitled2017’ by Nineties Productions.

Pictures by Maurice Haak #thisisthehague


From 12 December 2017 until the 28th of February 2018 Ill be working on a new production ‘In BETWEEN’ in Taipei, Taiwan.

Crew: DOP/ Editor: Mink Pinster|Production Taiwan: Mina Ping Wang|Coaching: Aernout Mik, Marcel Roijaards, John de Weerd| Line producer: Lin Wei-Lung

‘IN BETWEEN’ is made possible by the Fonds Podium Kunsten & ZAAL 3

Slow Rise at Rossana Orlandi Gallery Milano

What a Week! Slow Rise was part of the Salone Del Mobile at the Rossana Orlandi gallery. Over 20.000 people visited the gallery wich gave alot of new opportunities and contacts for my work. Now back in The Hague Ill start working on my next new project ‘The Non-Present Performer’. Premiere end 2017~  #salonedelmobile2017 #slowrise #gallery #rossanaorlandi #karelvanlaere #milano

Paralysis at BIEFF 2017

Great time at The Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival BIEFF screening #Paralysis 29 march 2017 at Cinema Elvire Popesco and 30 March 2017 20:30 in Cinema Muzeul Taranului~ #BIEFF2017 #aftertalk#Bucharest #Romania more info: http://www.bieff.ro/ro/2017/filme/paralysis Photo’s Ionut Dobre & Didi Elena

Artist Talk

On the 11th of March percussionist & Producer: Frank Wienk and I will be part of a Cinedans #ArtistTalk 10:30 at Eye Amsterdam ~> more info: http://cinedans.nl/festival/festival-2017/#karel-frank-nl
#reservations: registration@cinedans.nl #ontbijtje #eyefilmmuseum #artisttalk #bink #cinedans #slowrise

Video-artwork Slow censored at The Dutch Parliament / The Netherlands.

The presentation of my video-artwork Slow has been stopped after several complaints
The work was only on view for a couple of hours
Multiple people associated the visual image with the refugee-crisis
and claimed the work to be ‘inappropriate’

Unfortunately I’m unable to trace the complaints to their source
Art should lead to debate, not towards censorship

official trailer: https://vimeo.com/82505078


special moment 2016

Honoured and proud the 1st edition of Paralysis & Largo will be part of the private art collection of mr.Xie #China #2016 #edition #1/6 – Thankyou: #taipeiartistvillage, Wu Dar Kuen, Lin Wei Lung, Wu Chi Tsung, Phebea Shen, #LocalEnough

Pictures and box by: Lin Wei Lung

Nieuwe Makers 2017/2018

Very honoured with the #nieuwemakers support of Fonds Podium Kunsten. Can’t wait to start working together with #TheateraanhetSpui & #Zaal3 on several new performances in #2017 and #2018. Special thanks: John de Weerd & Cees Debets

Slow Rise – behind the scene’s

Pictures by: Lin Wei Lung

Contact & Slow Rise at the Dutch Designweek 2016

Contact & Slow Rise at the Dutch Designweek 2016👌🏼I hope to meet you here! 22-30 Oktober. Tickets en info: http://inpo16.thevisualtheatre.nl/

Great honour to work with all these people: [Taiwan 🙏🏼 Holland] Mina Hsu Ping Wang, Mink Pinster, Frank Wienk, Lin Wei-Lung, Peter van Til, Shao-Che Lee, Bo-yu Huang, Danielle Boelling, Encore Pan,Sun Ping, Wu Dar Kuen, I-Hua Lee, Odele Tseng

Slow Rise en Contact were made possible by: Het Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, The Taipei Artist Village & Stroom Den Haag. 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 #ddw16 #INPO #stimuleringfonds#slowrise #contact #Taipei #Eindhoven

Its a WRAP

After months of preparation I finally got permission to shoot my new work ‘Slow Rise’ at Taipei Main station.

Working with a great team of 6 alot of equipment and thousands of Taiwanese passengers is was a very busy day.

Im very pleased with the results. Mink Pinster ( DOP & Editor) and I will start editing soon.

First tryout is planned already on sept 8 at Taipei Artist Village Bamboo Studio.

Great honour to work with this crew:

Producer: Mina Hsu Ping Wang, DOP/ Editor: Mink Pinster, Photographer: Lin Wei-Lung, Technical assitants: Shao-Che Lee & Bo-yu Huang, Assistent: Encore Pan, All performers and volunteers.


TAV group exhibition

Slow, Paralysis and Largo are screened at TAV’s group exhibition.

● 策展人 Curator/沈菲比 Phebea Chun-yi Shen
● 參展藝術家Artists/黃文海 Wenhai HUANG、韋雷娜・伊塞爾 Verena ISSEL、金芝嬉 Jihee KIM、Junya Kataoka X Rie Iwatake 片岡純也 X 岩竹理恵、卡爾‧范‧拉爾 Karel van LAERE、劉陽 Yang LIU、走路草農藝團 Walking grass agriculture
● 開幕茶會 Opening/8.12(Fri.) 19:00
● 開幕表演 Opening performance/8.12(Fri.) 19:30
● 展覽地點 Venue/台北國際藝術村,百里廳 Taipei Artist Village, Barry Room
● 展覽日期 Exhibition Date/8.12(Fri.)-9.4(Sun.) 11:00-21:00 (Closed on Monday)
● More Info/http://goo.gl/znyEcL

My first Taiwanese review by: 沈菲比

IMG_3406 (1) IMG_3399 (1)

New work: SLOW RISE – Taipei 2016

From July 10th until September 30th I will be artist in residence at the Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan working towards a new video artwork SLOW RISE – video installation

During my studies in Taiwan I was struck by the organized ways people moved in the metropole of Taipei City. Millions of people travel in Taipei using both the roads and the underground transport system. It feels a bit like a well orchestrated chaos.

During my visits to other Asian countries, Japan and Korea, I sensed a comparable discipline.

I am fascinated by these seemingly endless choreographies of people. During my studies in Taipei I often have watched these streams of people. Queuing for the bus is a normal thing to do for Taiwanese people. Back in The Netherlands I noticed the differences in the use of the public space between Dutch people and Taiwanese people.

One of the best spots to observe people on the move in Taiwan are the escalators in the Taipei Main Station. I would like to explore the contrast between the escalator’s mechanized movement and human movement in a video artwork. The video installation, working title: SLOW RISE, shows people on an escalator. Although the people are standing and resting, they are nevertheless moved up by the escalator.

It is the contrast of the moment of resting and the movement within a modern city. The people passing on the escalators will differ from each other in age and lifestyle. By staging some additional scenes I will add some alienation effects to the images, for example by introducing some strange characters. I will also show the difference of the use that is made of the escalators, sometimes things are quiet, but when metros arrive, the escalators get packed with people. The video will be shown without music, thus stressing the importance of the image. The onlookers are forced to watch the behaviour of the people in the video.

Like with my previous work SLow (made in Taiwan) I want to present a combination of stillness and dynamics. Asia is getting more and more important, not just economically but also culturally. For me this aspect of Asia is also present in the video installation. People are upwardly mobile moved by the mechanics of escalators.




台北車站的手扶梯是在台灣觀察移動中的人的最佳地點之一。我想在錄像作品中對照人的行動和手扶梯的機械運作。這件錄像裝置的名稱為〈SLOW RISE〉,將呈現人們雖只是在手扶梯上靜止地站立,但卻因為電扶梯而緩緩上升的樣子。