Reach I

Reach II

Reach II

Reach II

2022, The Netherlands

22 June 2022 – Cinedans opening ceremony, EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

The starting point for the performance Reach is his fascination for laparoscopic instruments which are used in surgery. To him, dissecting delicate objects with these instruments is an intimate and fragile process that conceals beauty as well as vulnerability. In Reach II, Karel enters into a dialogue with sound and experimental hip hop dancer Simon Bus.

pictures by Gordon Meuleman

  • Performed and conceived by Karel van Laere
  • Dancer Simon Bus
  • Laparoscopic co-workers Zahira Suliman, Mayke van Kruchten
  • Sound design Mathijs van Til
  • Inspired by conversations with surgeon Anke Smits & Guus Bökkerink
  • Production The Grey Space in the Middle, Cinedans and Stichting Largo
  • Made possible by The City of The Hague, Stroom Den Haag, Mondriaan Fonds, Amarte Fonds, We Are Public, FlexDex Surgical and Laparoscopyboxx (a brand of Outside the Boxx).
  • Special thanks Martine Dekker, Yola Parie, Andreas Hannes, Hubert Prins, Susan de Bruin, Tim Terpstra, Marijke Cobbenhagen, Ramses Nieuwenhuizen, Lieneke Hulshof, Talitha Stijnman, Peter Hendrikx, Nora Duijf, Elien Phernambucq, Peter van Til